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Effective Whiten Freckle Cream Remove Dark Spot Melasma Fade Melanin Anti-Pigmentation Improve Dullness Brighten Face Skin Care


  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • Certificate Number: G20191511
  • Certification: GZTZ
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Ingredient: Plant extraction
  • Model Number: NO.BS80917
  • NET WT: 20g
  • Feature: Acne Treatment
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Brand Name: LANBENA
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Cream
  • Use: Face
  • Quality Inspection: Qualified, Professional Face Skin Care
  • Function: Brighten Skin Tone, Fade Wrinkle, Improve Rough Skin
  • Effect: Non-greasy, Anti-oxidation, Easy to be Absorbed
  • Expiration Date: Three Years, Keep Away From Light
  • Suitable For: All Kinds of Skin Tyes

Effective Whitening Freckles Cream Remove Dark Spots Fade Melanin Anti-Pigmentation Improve Dullness Fast Brighten Skin Care


1.Apply to the skin to regain elasticity, gently spread, refreshing and not sticky
2.Whitening and freckle removal Moisturizing skin whitening and freckle removal
Moisturizes and hydrates the skin to help the skin become more elastic and reduces the average age of the skin tissue
4.Cleansing and hydrating, the skin is cleansed and cleansed, the skin is refreshed and clear


Moisturizing skin, moisturizing and soft, light feeling brightening, delicate and smooth,Whitening and removing freckles, improving dullness, moisturizing and brightening.

▶Package Included:

1*Whitening Freckles Cream


★Awakens bright, flawless skin from the bottom of the skin
☒butterfly spot
☒radiant spot
☒age spots
☒Pregnancy spot


★For freckles, sunburn, dark spots, pregnancy spots, radiation spots, etc.
Inhibit melanocyte activity Block melanin production
Restore brighter skin Lighten melanin color ●3.DERMIS
Activates keratin metabolism lnhibit melanin regeneration

◆1.Tender skin
The skin is hydrated and shiny
◆2.Moist and smooth
Replenish moisture for skin
◆3.Beautiful skin
Essence brightens skin

☑Dark and rough sikin with spots and uneven sktin tone
☑The skin is moist and plump,and the spots are not cbwicus
☑The spots disappear and the skin becemes white and tender


▶Rinse skin with warm water and pat dry.Apply the cream to the face/body It is best to use the fingertips to apply the cream in circular motions, then gently massage until the cream is absorbed into the skin.Apply twice a day for fairer, brighter skin.

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